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Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers

The Dallas personal injury lawyers at Wolf Law, PLLC focus on taking special time with each client to explain the law and how it relates to the facts of your case so we can work better together. We make your position so unbreakable that you get the compensation you deserve and need to move forward.

Why Choose Wolf Law, PLLC to Help With Your Personal Injury Claim?

Julie Wolf

The highly skilled personal injury attorneys at Wolf Law PLLC can help explain when you should file a personal injury lawsuit and what is needed to prove the liability of the at fault party. Managing Partner Julie Wolf is skilled in negotiating settlements and litigating cases, achieving award-winning personal injury settlement and lawsuit results for her clients.

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When Should You Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Contact a personal injury lawyer immediately after your incident. This will provide you with experienced legal counsel to both reassure and advise you of your rights. Your personal injury attorney can guide you through discussing your options for a settlement or lawsuit.

Additionally, working with an experienced personal injury lawyer can ensure all of your bills are paid, including many you may not realize are eligible for reimbursement. In most instances, your personal injury lawyer can negotiate a settlement with the company and/or person to blame or with their insurance company. Having a skilled attorney working for you keeps you from falling prey to the various tactics insurance companies use to pay claimants as little as possible.

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

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Premises Liability Lawyer


Injured on someone else's property? Our firm focuses on premises liability cases including slip and fall accidents.

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Dallas Car Accidents Lawyers


When a car wreck happens, our experienced Dallas injury attorneys can help you take the next steps.

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Dallas Truck Accident Lawyer


Big commercial trucks cause big catastrophic and complex accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, the Dallas personal injury lawyers at Wolf Law can help.

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Dallas Work Injury Lawyer


No matter what kind of job you have, you can be hurt at work. Workers' comp isn't always your only option. Our Dallas attorneys are here to help.

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Dallas Wrongful Death Lawyer


Survivors in a wrongful death case need compassionate and trial-tested legal counsel. The skilled injury lawyers at Wolf Law are ready to help you and your family.

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Dealing with insurance companies and at-fault parties can be frustrating. Let the highly skilled Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers at Wolf Law, PLLC guide you through the process to obtain the results you want and deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation. Hablamos Español.

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