What is Considered a Serious Car Accident?

For anyone who has been in a car accident, they may say that it felt serious. For many, this is true. A car accident can be a horrifying and even traumatic experience that results in emotional distress and physical injury. As for what constitutes a “serious” car accident, the answer that is hard to give […]

Wrongful Death Damages in Texas Explained

In Texas, the law recognizes the tremendous emotional and financial toll of a loved one’s wrongful death. Certain surviving family members may be able to seek compensation for their losses, also known as damages, by filing a personal injury lawsuit. To recover wrongful death damages from the negligent party, you must successfully show the elements […]

Licensee vs. Invitee vs. Trespasser Explained

Understanding the difference between licensees, invitees, and trespassers is crucial for both property owners and visitors, as it dictates the level of care owed by the property owner and the rights of the visitor. In legal terms, these classifications can significantly influence the outcome of a premises liability claim. In this blog post, we will […]

Timeline of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

When you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence and face the financial consequences that come with that injury, it is natural to want to collect compensation for your damages as quickly as possible. Your medical bills stack up, and your income goes down because of missed time at work. If you cannot recover […]

Rise in Collin County Fatal Car Accidents

Car accidents are often avoidable incidents that turn a family’s world upside down. The impacts are felt for weeks and months after a crash; and some car accidents change lives forever. Collin County has been rocked by a growth in the number of fatal car accidents, leaving devastation in their wake. Collin County has had […]

The Real Dangers of Crowd Surges

Enjoying a large public gathering usually means a time of fun, music, shopping, or sports. However, when hundreds or thousands of people are packed together in one place, a crowd surge can bring injury and even death. The real dangers of crowd surges may surprise you, and if you have been hurt in one, you […]

Can You Sue a Night Club for An Injury?

Whether or not you can file a civil lawsuit against a nightclub for your injuries will depend on multiple factors. It is more than likely that suing a night club will involve asserting premises liability claims against the parties who own, manage, or lease the property. It can be important to determine whether a person […]

What Happens When You Are Injured in a Store?

When a customer is injured in a store, the establishment and the circumstances surrounding the injury will be investigated to determine liability. Commercial businesses are bound by a legal obligation to provide an environment that is safe for their customers and others who enter their establishments. After an injury in a store, the circumstances, and […]

Car Accident Injury Claims in Texas Explained

Texas law says a person injured in a car accident can seek compensation from the motorist who caused the accident. Texas drivers must purchase insurance to cover the risk of liability for accidents they might cause. The following discussion is an overview of the process for making a car accident injury claim in Texas. Sources of […]

Amusement Park Accidents and Injuries: Your Rights in Texas Explained

Most amusement parks have guests sign waiver forms removing liability from the amusement park if guests are injured. So, when amusement park accidents happen in Texas, and produce serious injuries or even wrongful death, what happens? Did the waiver destroy any opportunity to hold the amusement park responsible for the injuries sustained on its property? […]

What Are My Rights as a Passenger in a Car Accident?

Passengers who suffer injuries during car accidents can seek monetary compensation for their damages. It does not matter which party was responsible for causing the car accident. You can still seek financial compensation for your injuries if the driver of the car you were in caused the crash. You can seek compensation for both general […]

Injured At Costco? Here’s What To Do

Costco, like other big-box retail stores, is a huge warehouse with lots of people coming and going. The parking lot is a chaos of cars, people, and overflowing carts. Inside, there are about 150,000 square feet of floor space, with merchandise often stacked high on pallets. People are trying to maneuver giant carts loaded with […]

Negligent Security Lawsuits in Texas Explained

Every day, people find themselves in rough situations facing an assailant preparing to attack them. Local law enforcement officials’ role is to solve criminal wrongdoing and apprehend criminal assailants. However, who is held responsible for preventing or deterring such conduct? Even though an attacker can be held criminally liable for their actions, that fact does […]

Car Accident Client Review

I’d like to thank Julie Wolf for taking my case after I was dropped by a large firm. She settled my case in less than a year, she kept me updated, she kept me informed, and her assistant Denise was excellent at emailing me and keeping me updated. I would recommend her to anyone involved […]

Getting Rear-Ended While Stopped on Texas Roads

If you get rear-ended while stopped on a Texas road, remaining calm and promptly calling for assistance is the most important first step. Start by checking yourself and any passengers in your vehicle for injuries and calling 911 immediately if anyone is hurt. Regardless of whether or not anyone is hurt, it is essential to […]

8 Causes of Welding Accidents

Welding is an essential and demanding activity in construction, manufacturing, and other industries. It requires a combination of skills, experience, and proper equipment to be performed safely. Welding accidents can lead to severe injury or death despite taking the necessary precautions and using appropriate protective measures. The physical, emotional, and financial toll a welding accident […]

Slip-and-Fall vs. Trip-and-Fall: What’s the Difference?

Thousands of people are hospitalized yearly because of slipping or tripping hazards. Often, these premises liability accidents are preventable. In most situations, it is possible to file a trip-and-fall or slip-and-fall lawsuit to collect compensation for damages. It is important to speak with a personal injury lawyer with experience successfully handling slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accident […]

Personal Injury Client Review

Julie Wolf and Wolf Law fought hard for me when nobody else would. Ms. Wolf took an almost impossible case and got me a great settlement. I actually had another lawyer that dropped my case and Ms. Wolf agreed to fight for me. She had great correspondence and always explained everything to me. I would […]

When Do Pedestrians Have The Right Of Way in Texas?

The Texas Transportation Code gives pedestrians the right of way in various traffic situations, and vehicles must yield to pedestrians in the following 5 circumstances: A pedestrian facing a green light in either a marked or unmarked crosswalk A pedestrian crossing a roadway facing a ‘walk’ signal A pedestrian in a crosswalk with no traffic […]

Can I Get Compensation for a Catastrophic Injury?

The severity of a personal injury has a direct impact on how substantially it affects a person’s life. The disruption an injury causes – both currently and in the future – is part of the damage that can be compensated. Valuing the damage involves a combination of assessing the severity of the injury and the […]

Personal Injury Client Review

I had the privilege of working with Julie Wolf over the last couple of years and she went to bat for me on a tough case and was able to settle it even tough I thought it was a long shot. She’s a tough attorney but she is very approachable and friendly. She always made […]

What to Do If You Slip and Fall at Work

Steps To Take After a Texas Slip and Fall Accident at Work Your employer or the jobsite owner will have potentially many sophisticated lawyers ready to begin work on the case immediately following a workplace accident. This army of trained professionals trying to save money will also include huge insurance companies with policy dollars on […]

Car Accident Victims with Head Injuries: Rights and Legal Options

Car accidents resulting in head injuries can have an impact that can complicate every aspect of a victim’s life. They can be physically, emotionally, psychologically, and financially traumatic. Julie Wolf understands this, and her firm is here to hold the accountable parties responsible so that you can obtain the financial compensation it takes to relieve […]

Personal Injury Client Review

I have had awesome experience with Wolf Law, PLLC. When I got discouraged about my incident, you all made the situation feel at ease. I would highly recommend you to anyone I know. Thanks for being in my corner. Vonsheila Raglin

Texas Wrongful Death Statute

Texas Wrongful Death Act Chapter 71 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, also known as the Texas Wrongful Death Act, allows certain family members to sue for damages when a loved one is killed by the actions or inaction of another. If the death was caused by a wrongful act, carelessness, unskillfulness, neglect, […]

The Most Common Types of Truck Accident Injuries

Common types of truck accident injuries include: Amputation Back injuries Broken bones Burn injuries Head injuries Internal injuries Lacerations Neck injuries Paralysis Spinal cord injuries Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) Truck Accident Statistics In 2020, 4,842 large trucks were involved in a fatal crash, a 33 percent increase since 2011. That translated into 4,965 deaths in […]

Common Causes of Accidents in a Grocery Store

Most of us visit grocery stores to purchase items we need. For a variety of reasons, slip and fall and trip and fall accidents are common in these retail establishments. For example, a shopper might slip on a puddle of water from a leaking freezer unit. Spilled liquids are just one of the common causes […]

Safety Hazards in the Workplace

With a location as frequented as the workplace, a high degree of safety is required. Dangers to in work environments are abundant and must be identified. Those that have gone unrecognized or ignored have caused serious consequences for many workers across the country. Despite employers’ claims about creating safe work conditions for their employees, many […]

What You Should Know About a T Bone Accident

In most modern cars, occupants are comparatively well protected from side impacts (or T-bone accidents) from compact cars. People within the impacted car are more likely to sustain serious head and chest injuries if the impacting vehicle has a higher front configuration, like many SUVs or trucks, unless head-protecting side airbags are present. Since T-bone incidents can […]