Personal Injury Client Review

Julie Wolf and Wolf Law fought hard for me when nobody else would. Ms. Wolf took an almost impossible case and got me a great settlement. I actually had another lawyer that dropped my case and Ms. Wolf agreed to fight for me. She had great correspondence and always explained everything to me. I would […]

Can I Get Compensation for a Catastrophic Injury?

The severity of a personal injury has a direct impact on how substantially it affects a person’s life. The disruption an injury causes – both currently and in the future – is part of the damage that can be compensated. Valuing the damage involves a combination of assessing the severity of the injury and the […]

Personal Injury Client Review

I had the privilege of working with Julie Wolf over the last couple of years and she went to bat for me on a tough case and was able to settle it even tough I thought it was a long shot. She’s a tough attorney but she is very approachable and friendly. She always made […]

What to Do If You Slip and Fall at Work

Steps To Take After a Texas Slip and Fall Accident at Work Your employer or the jobsite owner will have potentially many sophisticated lawyers ready to begin work on the case immediately following a workplace accident. This army of trained professionals trying to save money will also include huge insurance companies with policy dollars on […]

Car Accident Victims with Head Injuries: Rights and Legal Options

Car accidents resulting in head injuries can have an impact that can complicate every aspect of a victim’s life. They can be physically, emotionally, psychologically, and financially traumatic. Julie Wolf understands this, and her firm is here to hold the accountable parties responsible so that you can obtain the financial compensation it takes to relieve […]

Personal Injury Client Review

I have had awesome experience with Wolf Law, PLLC. When I got discouraged about my incident, you all made the situation feel at ease. I would highly recommend you to anyone I know. Thanks for being in my corner. Vonsheila Raglin

Texas Wrongful Death and Survival Damages

When a loved one dies due to the bad acts of another, it can be devastating both emotionally and financially. Texas law provides for financial recourse against the responsible party or parties, but what damages are available can vary depending upon the facts of each case. In Texas, surviving family members may be able to […]

The Most Common Types of Truck Accident Injuries

Every year, trucks and other large commercial vehicles are involved in thousands of traffic accidents that cause injuries and deaths across the country. You will only get one chance to recover financial compensation after suffering truck accident injuries, so make sure to work with a Dallas truck accident attorney who can help. Truck Accident Statistics […]